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Share your knowledge and experience with aspiring leaders, ambitious new entrants and women eager to learn and thrive.

Accepting applications for Mentors Now! 

What it means to be a Mentor.

As a WiM Mentor, you understand the highs and lows of a career in media and have amassed a wealth of experience on your own professional developmental journey.

Your commitment and willingness to gift your time, knowledge and experience to support an enquiring individual, who is aspiring to be our industry’s next thought leader, is what makes you an invaluable mentor.

​A Mentor is a guide, an advocate, an empathetic ear, supporter and a catalyst for change; she is someone who is motivated and inspired by the success of her Mentee.


Mentoring with Women in Media NZ gives you the opportunity to aid in your mentee’s learning curve and be an influential part of their professional development within the often vast Media, Marketing and Advertising landscape.

What are the commitments?

Each mentee receives four x 15min sessions with different mentors during our WiM Speed Mentoring event. Prior to the event, both mentees and mentors will receive "dance cards" to familiarize themselves with who they will be meeting on the day of the event. 

All Mentees will be provided with guided questions to help the flow of conversation, establish expectations and to ensure both parties (mentors and mentees) get the most out of the experience.

Following the event, mentees will be given guidance on how to effectively follow up with mentors if they wish to develop a longer-term mentorship. This will require a willingness to commit to regular catch-ups, at the mentor’s discretion and availability.


Please note, if you are unable to commit to a long-term mentorship please opt in to event-based mentorship only. 

We understand that work commitments change, so you can change your availability for long-term mentorships as needed at any time. 

How to get started.

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Image by Nastuh Abootalebi

Complete the application form below.

We are interested in getting some insight into your experience and what motivates you to be a mentor.

A WiM Mentor Coordinator will contact you

We’ll discuss how we can work together to support you on your journey as a mentor and find areas for mentee coaching that you are most passionate about

Once approved, you will be welcomed into our WiM Mentors network. 

In gifting your time, experience and knowledge to help others, you will join a small but distinguished group of individuals making a genuine difference to the wellbeing and prosperity of our industry.

Your local Mentor Coordinator will match you with five mentees who are either aspiring to be our industry’s next leaders, emerging into a management role or nervously entering the industry